About Our Company

      Hebi Xin Rong foundry CO.,LTD has strong technical capability and capacity in its engineering,has a professional high-quality technical team. There are 7 engineers,8 quality inspectors and 9 technicians in our company. They have Research and development (R&D) capabilities in new technology and new materials; and design 2D and 3D via CAD and PRO/E; and can be used "Huazhu CAE/InteCAST process analysis system" to analyze the casting for further optimization in casting process. 

      Our company has completed inspection equipment, PT,MT and UT in NTD inspection. Our company equipped with imported German Spike direct reading spectrometer,can carry out a variety of elements in the laboratory, and tested the mechanical properties,physical properties. Our company can process these testing both in stove testing room and central laboratory testing room. Our company takes total quality management as the core, gives full play to the advantages of the enterprise, exploits the potential of the enterprise, and ensures that the quality meets the requirements of relevant standards.